Vishakha Purandare

Vishakha is the dynamic Acharya of Siddha Samadhi Yoga (SSY) and president of the Life Yessence Academy (LiYA), USA. Born in an atheist but socially committed family Vishakha did not have any spiritual training in her formative years. Her introduction to the spiritual path started at the age of 31 with Siddha Samadhi Yoga (SSY) program. It changed her life completely.

In her own words SSY was my complete training in health, happiness, leadership, social service, parenting and being a powerful inspiration in the world. The training was so captivating that I found the mission for my life in this. I felt as if GOD has given me another chance to restart my life. I not only wanted to hold on to it with all my strength but also wanted to share it with the world. I was particularly inspired by the dedication and simplicity of the teachers trained by Yoga Brahmarshi Rishi Prabhakarji. On the third day of my 21-day program I decided that to become a teacher and dedicate my life to it.

In 1997, Vishakha was formally blessed by her Guru and founder, of Siddha Samadhi Yoga (SSY) programs Yoga Brahmarshi Rishi Prabhakarji. Since then she has been enjoying the SSY life along with her husband and 2 daughters.

Being an Apparel Technologist with a specialization in International Business, Vishakha spent 20 years in Apparel Industry in India and later in the US. She continued her learning and practising the SSY lifestyle even after moving to the US along with her family in 2003. On taking responsibility for running the SSY centre in the US, she resigned from a well-paying comfortable job as a Shipment Manager at one of America s top Swimwear manufacturing companies. Since 2006 she has been serving her Guru in spreading the knowledge of Joyous Living through various SSY programs.

What motivated Vishakha? As she explains, SSY lifestyle has made it very easily possible for me to enjoy a fulfilling professional carrier and an exciting and rewarding family life. But that is not enough. Being a daughter of social worker parents, I always saw myself as a free and socially responsible person, standing up for truth and justice in the world. I was a born leader and my parents raised me like one. But my formal leadership training started with Poojya Guruji. He made me aware of the spirit of a leader. Poojya Guruji has mentored me systematically in selfless giving. He helped me understand that Yoga is not about how healthy and happy I am, but it is about how I spread joy in the world around me. Only then we can practically operate as universal beings. With his teachings, life is truly joyous and fulfilling. Today in the USA, so far away from my birth land, I am involved in so many wonderful projects building happy families and serving through the SSY centre, I am experiencing the Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (The Whole World is my Family) in my life.